• "Yoga is an internal practice, The rest is just a circus." -K. Pattabhi Jois

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is the beginning of all Yoga. Ashtanga means "eight limbs" which refers to the eight steps in the Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy. At Yayso Yoga, we take these eight steps and deliver them to you through 3 separate classes.

The Ashtanga Yoga Series is available in these formats
* Ashtanga (Half Primary) - the foundational practice that builds strength and flexibility while healing the body and calming the mind.The class is meant to challenge your limits without pushing them too far and modifications can be made to accommodate all skill levels.
* Ashtanga 101 - uses the top standing poses to build up strength, stamina, coordination to prepare you to move on to the half primary series of Ashtanga.
* Ashtanga 101 Mini - This is a shorter class that moves through the standing poses at a slightly quicker pace.

  • Teacher: Yogi David Gallaher

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Yayso Yoga™

Yayso Yoga for teens and up! Whether you aspire to improve flexibility and overall athletic performance or desire a deeper understanding of oneself, Yayso Yoga is an idyllic practice.

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Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga, like standard Yoga, was also founded in India. It may also be referred to as “assisted yoga.” During a Thai Yoga session, the practitioner assists the client into deeper alignment in an effort to reach positions beyond one’s ability through independent yoga.

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Yoga for the adventurous. AcroYoga combine yoga with acrobatics and dance maneuvers to extend the benefits of traditional yoga in a funner, and more entertaining way.

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Yayso Yoga Benefits

Our state-of-the-art facility, is conveniently located off of Alico Road in South Fort Myers. It includes three matted rooms, and now includes AntiGravity Yoga canopies.

Yayso Yoga is the perfect yoga routine to help build flexibility and peace of mind. With our deep stretches and meditation, students get the most out of yoga's core principles.